Best-in-Class Online Product Search

Honeywell Turbo Aftermarket Launches Best-in-Class Online Product Search

It’s a world class resource from a world-leading company – Honeywell has just launched user-friendly online product search that contains the most comprehensive turbo parts of any turbo supplier, listing around 2,000 Garrett turbo models for more than 3,500 vehicle applications.

The new Product Search section forms a key element of the new Worldwide Aftermarket Website, which was unveiled at the first-ever global Honeywell distributor conference in June.

“The accelerating adoption of our turbo technologies by the world’s leading automakers is translating into increased demand in the Aftermarket,” said Ed Goodwin, Director, Global Aftermarket, Turbo Technologies. “We expect this to continue in the coming years as OEMs embrace the turbo advantage of performance and fuel efficiency.

“The new website, aided by the new product search and distributor locator functionality, is a key tool for our distributor partners and will strengthen their competitive advantage in their local territories as they respond to growing Aftermarket demand.”

Enabling users to search the right Garrett turbo online is a key element in Honeywell’s Aftermarket strategy to support its global distributor network by ensuring rapid access to new global products, providing best-in-class online resources, and underpinning high standards in areas such as product availability, logistics and customer support.

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