First-Ever European Press Event

Italy – Honeywell Aftermarket Holds First-Ever European Press Event

Honeywell Turbo Technologies hosted an Independent Aftermarket press event at its manufacturing site in Atessa, Italy, in June, which was the first event of its kind. The event was held to demonstrate the superiority of Garrett® turbos over non-genuine turbos and helped feature Honeywell as the leader in the Aftermarket business, as evidenced by its world-class Aftermarket network and wide product offerings.

The two-day event featured several in-depth presentations as well as product displays. The journalists showed great interest in the three show-finished turbos that highlighted Honeywell’s latest technologies, and in a side-by-side comparison between an original Garrett® VNT™ turbo and a remanufactured VNT™ turbo, which drove home the point that the remanufactured parts were below Honeywell standards in terms of quality, reliability, performance and whole-life value. In addition, a graphic panel display highlighted the potential risks associated with using non-genuine turbos – compromised performance, increased emissions, poorer fuel consumption, conflicts with the ECU, and even engine damage.

The event proved to be a great success with 11 reporters from across Europe, including France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Netherlands in attendance. The reporters represented publications from trade press and specialist auto magazines.

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