Turbo reconditioning process - the 6 basic stages

Strip and initial inspection of the turbochargers are carried out by our highly trained technicians. The service parts of the turbochargers i.e. bearings, seals, o' rings, thrusts etc. are discarded at this stage. Once inspected the initial failure of the turbochargers can be pin-pointed. If there is a contributing factor i.e. an engine failure, this can be rectified, ensuring the problem doesn't occur again with the new turbocharger.

All the major components that have passed our initial inspection i.e. turbine wheels, bearing housings, compressor wheels, actuators, turbine housings, compressor housings etc. are meticulously cleaned using all of todays latest equipment. Once cleaned these components are inspected again ( it is AR Turbo's policy that all sub-standard parts are replaced), as to maintain our reputation as one of todays leading turbo re-manufacturers.

The CHRA "core" re-assembly takes place in seperate designated build rooms, all turbochargers are re-assembled in clean environments, and our technicians have all the latest equipment at their disposal to ensure you a premium quality rebuilt turbocharger. The turbine wheels and compressor wheels are precisley balanced together to form the rotor assembly. The rotor assembly is then added into the main bearing housing and heat shield to form the "core" of the turbocharger. It is at this stage all new service parts are replaced as of original equipment standards.

Once the complete CHRA "cores" are built they are tested on the very latest "core balancing machines".
With the correct oil temperature and pressure running through the cores, they are spun up to simulate normal working conditions on the engine. Whilst spinning the machine measures any tiny amount of imbalance created by the rotating mass. The skilled technicians then make the necessary fine adjustments to the rotor assembly until the exact standards are required. The technicians use the "VSR" (vibration sort rig) to achive the optimum balance on all modern turbochargers.

When the "cores" have passed the final balance tests, the turbine and compressor housings are fitted and aligned correctly. The "modern" VNT turbochargers are flow bench calibrated to ensure correct operating speeds.The actuator is finally fitted and calibrated to standard original equipment settings.

All turbochargers are vigorously checked at the final inspection. Full fitting instructions are supplied along with a full written guarantee.

Our Services

New & Reconditioned Turbochargers

We supply a full range of "O.E" new turbo's and "exchange" units from all major manufactures.

Exchange Turbo services

We offer a re-manufactured Turbo unit on an exchange basis.

Turbo Repairs & Rebuilds

Repaired turbos dispatched back to yourself usually within the same day

Hybrids Turbo Service

Hybrid Turbocharger units built to unique customer requirements.